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Primary education dissertation

Education dissertation examples

We have provided the selection of example education dissertation titles below to help and inspire you.

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An investigation into the development of community dance with autistic children.

Does computer assisted learning increase student learning or grades?

Is there a correlation between formative assessment & pupil attainment?

A case study of how social class and gender affects academic attainment amongst a family across three generations using Auto-ethnography.

A critical analysis of the friction between child labour and education in today's globalized world.

A Critical Analysis of the Role of Peace Education in Realizing Sustainable Conflict Resolution.

An exploration of the benefits and disadvantages of citizenship Education.

Applied behavioural analysis in teaching children with autism in the 3 areas.

Assessing the Quality of students entering Universities in Saudi Arabia as a Predictor of success rate.

Behavioural issues within a primary school setting and the impact on teaching and learning.

Critical analysis of an intervention approach for Autism.

Discuss with reference to recent studies the role of creativity in children's overall development and learning in the early years?

Explore the graduate nurses' lived experience of caring for people of different cultures in 21st century Ireland.

Has the implementation of ECM affected an attitudinal change in lecturers' with regard to the provision of holistic care towards the students?

How are Romanian children supported by the UK Primary school system and in what ways can further support be implemented?

How do secondary school teachers look to identify talented pupils within their classes?

How might a teacher explore and develop strategies to promote boys' reading development in a year six setting?

Investigating the barriers for year 9 students choosing food technology as a GCSE subject and ultimately as a degree path towards a professional career in food science.

Is there a debate or dispute among specialists in the chosen field so that the enquiry can be contextualised and issues of significance can be identified by comparing your outcomes to other relevant things.

Methods of supporting pupils with dyslexia in literacy: teacher's perspectives.

Pupils with identified dyslexia/specific literacy difficulties.

The adverse effects of managerialism on education at all levels from 1980 to 2010.

The effect of native English speaking teachers (NESTS) on the attitudes and achievement of Saudi male learners compared with non native English speaking teachers (NNESTS) (18 yr olds in university preparatory year programmes) i.e. intensive English 1 yr (IEP) programmes.

Dissertation Proposal Samples In Education
Dissertation Proposal Samples In Education
10. Dissertation Question Time: Example of critical
10. Dissertation Question Time: Example of critical ...
Dissertation Examples, Dissertation Topics
Dissertation Examples, Dissertation Topics ...
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