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PhD dissertation structure

  • The body is the lengthiest part of the dissertation. During the body you will be allowed to talk about main points that are relevant to backing up your thesis. Note that main discussion points should be accompanied by theory and research. In a dissertation the body of your paper will include background, literature reviews, methodology, and analysis.
  • The conclusion is the best part of your Dissertation, because it signifies the end of the paper. This section allows the author a chance to remind the about what the paper is about, key points related to your argument, and other relevant information.

Important Notes on Formatting your Paper

A dissertation is a different kind of paper. Done at the PhD level it is a lengthier paper, with strict guidelines surrounding it. While an introduction, body, and conclusion are important there are other elements in a dissertations structure. Elements in order of how they should appear are as follow:

  • Title Page- Should have a catchy title relevant to your thesis.
  • Abstract-
  • Summarization of the work that includes background information, methodology used and findings
  • Contents-
  • A table of contents
  • Background-
  • This is to be the first chapter of your work. It will describe the rationale behind your project, experiment
  • Literature review-
  • This is chapter two. This just list the research you used as supporting documentation for your dissertation.
  • Methodology Chapter-
  • This chapter tells the reader what methodology used in your research
  • Analysis-
  • Chapter on what tools you used, and how you analyzed your research data
  • Discussion-
  • A conclusion of the information presented
  • The Bibliography and appendices
  • are last to go.

It is important to use this format when working on your dissertation. We know the process for writing the dissertation can seem trivial, but with this guide on how to format your paper, your dissertation can be conquered

Pratik Desai PhD Dissertation Defense
Pratik Desai PhD Dissertation Defense
Samuel Kotler PhD Dissertation Defense opening remarks
Samuel Kotler PhD Dissertation Defense opening remarks ...
PhD Dissertation Defense of SGM (Mamur) Hossain (5/5)
PhD Dissertation Defense of SGM (Mamur) Hossain (5/5)
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