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Format for writing thesis

All theses must be prepared according to both the University of Ghana format requirements and School/College documentation or reference formats. School/College formats must be deposited with the School of Graduate Studies. Where there is conflict between Departmental style and the University Style, the latter must be satisfied. Students must consult the University and School/College manuals for details.

School/college Format Requirements

School/College formats shall apply to:

  • Chapter Structure Design
  • Chapter Headings
  • Reference Style
  • Figures and Tables
  • Chapter Content Design
  • List of Abbreviations

University Format Requirement shall consist of the following sections:

• Preliminary Information

• Substantive Section

• Bibliography and Appendices

Preliminary Information

i. Title Page

The title page shall consist of the following which should be centered.

  • College
  • School
  • Title of the Thesis
  • Statement of Submission
  • Name of Candidate (No Titles or Qualifications)
  • Student Number (in brackets below the name)
  • In partial fulfillment of the Requirement for the Award of Doctor of Philosophy (not abbreviated).
  • Department/Centre/Institute
  • The date of submission (Month and Year)

ii. Declaration

  • A candidate submitting a thesis for a Doctoral degree shall make a declaration to the effect that the thesis is his/her own work produced from research under supervision.

iii. Signature Page: The declaration page shall be signed by the following:

  • The Candidate
  • Supervisors

iv. Abstract: Every candidate shall present a short abstract of his/her dissertation or thesis of a maximum of four (4) pages (double spaced).

v. Dedication (Optional)

vi. Acknowledgement: (1 page maximum)

  • The candidate may briefly acknowledge those who made important contributions to the success of his/her research and presentation of thesis.
  • Where the thesis has benefited from a collaborative project done in conjunction with the candidate’s Supervisor(s), this should be dully acknowledged.

vi. Table of Contents: A well aligned presentation of preliminary information, chapters with subsections, bibliography and appendices of the thesis with relevant page numbers indicated.

vii. List of Figures/Maps: A list of figures and maps with their relevant designated numbering and relevant pages at which they are located.

viii. List of Tables: A list of tables with their relevant designated numbering and relevant pages at which they are located.

ix. List of Abbreviations: A list of relevant abbreviations and their full rendering occurring in the thesis.

Substantive Section

i. Chapter Structure: A thesis must consist of substantive Chapters including an introduction, intervening chapters and a concluding chapter as determined by the Faculty format which has been deposited with the School of Graduate Studies.

ii. Reference Style: The reference style shall follow the School/College format.

iii. Thesis Size: A thesis submitted for a PhD degree shall normally be between 50, 000 to 60, 000 words excluding bibliography, figures, tables, photographs, and appendices.

Bibliography and Appendices

i. The bibliography should be placed at the end of the thesis and not after each chapter.

ii. The order of arrangement of the bibliography and appendices should follow the prescribed departmental format.

iii. The candidate may submit, as subsidiary matter in support of his or her candidature, any printed contributions to the advancement of his/her subject, which he or she may have published independently or jointly, or any other supporting material. In the event of a candidate presenting material from joint work, he or she shall be required to state fully his or her own contribution.

Presentation Format

i. Four typed or printed copies of the dissertation or thesis, using standard A4 paper, shall be submitted to the School of Graduate Studies through the Head of Department for examination.

ii. Typed thesis should be on only one side of the paper.

iii. Margins: When bound all margins of the thesis should be 2.54 cm (1 inch).

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