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Sport science dissertation

Sport Science dissertation ideas

If you want to get a degree in sports science, it’s better to choose an interesting topic when writing your dissertation. There is no need to spend lots of time coming up with the idea for the title on your own. You can just choose the topic from the ones in the list bellow and develop it in your way.

  1. Good physiology of football players.
  2. You can do research on how development of muscle strength helps footballers become successful. Is there any special training?

    Here you can analyze how muscles develop through swimming and what positive effects swimming brings to a human organism.

  3. Swimming and muscle strength.

    In this work you can compare the strength of athletes of both genders. Is there any difference in muscle growth between men and women?

  4. Gender and muscle strength.

    You can do research on how the special meals and pre-game diets help athletes achieve better results during various competitions.

  5. Nutrition of sportsmen.

    You can find different nutrition variants for vegetarian sportsmen to increase their performance potential.

  6. Vegetarian athletes.

    Here you can analyze what vitamins should athletes consume as nutritional supplements to achieve the best performance. Can supplements bring harm when consuming them inappropriately?

  7. Vitamins and sportsmen.

    Do research on how to use anti aging drugs to prevent syndromes that are related to metabolism among aging sportsmen.

  8. Metabolism and aging.

    Analyze how to use bands during strength training to make muscles grow stronger. Make a list of other benefits of bands.

  9. Strength training.

    Investigate how different temperatures affect muscle reactions of athletes during the training. You can compare European and African athletes, for example.

  10. Training and temperature.

    Study the methods of training female athletes before and after puberty. What metabolic effects can emerge because of training?

  11. Training and puberty.

    Do research on how a peace of mind and well-being help athletes achieve better results in competitions. How to get rid of unnecessary thoughts and show the best performance?

  12. Well-being of athletes and their performance.

    Here you can analyze if there are different methods of coaching males and females. What causes differences in the approach?

  13. Gender and coaching.

    Investigate the risk factors and diseases that relate to age and can occur among the elderly athletes.

  14. Aging and training.
  15. Athletes and caffeine consumption.
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